• Who Hires Me

I work closely with CTE Deans, Strong Workforce initiative leads, and more…

All agencies with the responsibility to prepare students for employment hire me. I’ve been very active in the community college and workforce development communities, working closely with CTE Deans and Strong Workforce initiative leads. The workshops have been funded by Strong Workforce Program, Carl D. Perkins, general and special project initiatives when accountability and performance measures include employment outcomes. The initiatives prepare students in the rigor of the targeted industry’s “knowledge, skills and abilities,” and the workshops have successfully supported student training in strategies that result in employment.

Beyond familiarity with the workshop/webinar topics, anecdotally students report increased confidence and initiative to be working in their chosen career. I’ve also been available for workshops/webinars with students through college career/transfer centers because I want to teach any students in need of help in the job search process, be they History students, Psychology students, and more. I believe that all education should prepare students for the world of work, which should be across all disciplines. And this is why I teach in such a way that everyone can be served by my workshops or webinars.

My Purpose

To help individuals forge a clearer path to finding and doing meaningful and fulfilling work

Respect for the individual

Each of us, no matter how limited our life experience, has much to contribute to society and to organizations of all shapes and sizes. When I teach my workshops or webinars and offer guidance of any kind, I treat you as the unique individual that you are.

Do remarkable and ethically sound work

Integrity remains at the core of how we excel and thrive in our work. I approach each of my workshops or webinars with energy and enthusiasm, guided by the voice of integrity and the desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives and careers of my students.

Dedication to helping the client

While the attendees of my workshops and webinars are the students themselves, my clients are the educators and organizations who hire me. I am dedicated to understanding and achieving the goals of my clients, namely successfully preparing students to interview with confidence and have a better chance of finding the work they are seeking.

Workshops that
build confidence

Learn how to tell your story

My workshops are designed to help students build confidence in the job search process. They focus on teaching students how to tell their story when they’re looking for work. Click here to learn more about how to book a workshop.

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