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I prepare handouts for every workshop or webinar I teach. These handouts include the bulk of the material I discuss during the workshop or webinar, allowing students not to have to take copious notes while I’m teaching, so they can focus on being interactive during the discussion.

If I am teaching an in-person workshop on campus, all I need is a well-lighted classroom or lecture hall and a dry erase board. I don’t need any audio/visual equipment unless I’m teaching a very large group (which is more of a keynote type of scenario).

My preferred number of students is 30-40 or less. With that said, I’ve taught as few as 5 students and as many as 200, but if I’m teaching 200 students, that’s more of a lecture as opposed to a workshop.

I’ve taught this material to more than 2,500 students, counselors and instructors over the past 10 years, and there has been a particular focus on Career Technical Education. Some of the CTE disciplines include Architecture/Drafting, Automotive Technology, Biotechnology, Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, Estheticians, HVAC, Industrial Design, Jewelry/Metalwork Design, Medium & Heavy Truck Technology, Paralegal Studies (that’s not really CTE), Nursing, and Welding.

If I am teaching a discipline that is new to me, I spend approximately 3 weeks researching the material, talking with instructors, hiring managers, and often visiting actual businesses so I can then write handouts that cater very specifically to each particular discipline.

My schedule is often quite full, so I prefer to have at least 4 weeks’ notice to book a workshop or webinar.

I prefer to teach workshops or webinars early in the morning (starting at 8am, for example) or at night (any time after 5pm) – if at all possible. With that said, I have taught classes during the day if those are the only time slots available.

Yes. I’m proud to have a plethora of great feedback from students, recent grads and seasoned pros alike.

My Purpose

To help individuals forge a clearer path to finding and doing meaningful and fulfilling work

Respect for the individual

Each of us, no matter how limited our life experience, has much to contribute to society and to organizations of all shapes and sizes. When I teach my workshops and webinars and offer guidance of any kind, I treat you as the unique individual that you are.

Do remarkable and ethically sound work

Integrity remains at the core of how we excel and thrive in our work. I approach each of my workshops and webinars with energy and enthusiasm, guided by the voice of integrity and the desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives and careers of my students.

Dedication to helping the client

While the attendees of my workshops and webinars are the students themselves, my clients are the educators and organizations who hire me. I am dedicated to understanding and achieving the goals of my clients, namely successfully preparing students to interview with confidence and have a better chance of finding the work they are seeking.

Workshops and webinars that
build confidence

Learn how to tell your story

My workshops and webinars are designed to help students build confidence in the job search process. They focus on teaching students how to tell their story when they’re looking for work. Click here to learn more about how to book a workshop or webinar.

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