You Have An Important
Story To Tell

My role is to help you build your story and tell it with confidence

About BradWorkshops

My Purpose

To help individuals forge a clearer path to finding and doing meaningful and fulfilling work

Respect for
the individual

Each of us, no matter how limited our life experience, has much to contribute to society and to organizations of all shapes and sizes. When I teach my workshops or webinars and offer guidance of any kind, I treat you as the unique individual that you are.

Do remarkable and ethically sound work

Integrity remains at the core of how we excel and thrive in our work. I approach each of my workshops and webinars with energy and enthusiasm, guided by the voice of integrity and the desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives and careers of my students.

Dedication to
helping the client

While the attendees of my workshops and webinars are the students themselves, my clients are the educators and organizations who hire me. I am dedicated to understanding and achieving the goals of my clients, namely successfully preparing students to interview with confidence and have a better chance of finding the work they are seeking.

My name is Brad Pollak

I am a Career Development Coach

I teach college students how to tell their story during their job search so they can market themselves with confidence and have a better chance of finding the work they want.

For the past 10 years I have been teaching workshops to college students from all walks of life, including Career Technical Education students from a variety of different disciplines. I find the work invigorating and gratifying, and I learn as much from my students as I hope they learn from me. My focus is to help them cross the bridge from the classroom to the workplace with enthusiasm, a great attitude and the knowledge that they will indeed make a difference in the work that they do. And as a result of COVID-19, I also teach my workshops as webinars, whenever needed.

Some Testimonials

About my work:

I have utilized Brad to conduct workshops throughout LA County Community Colleges. Students report that after Brad’s workshop, they have the confidence and skills to interview well and have a competitive edge over other candidates. Faculty are amazed by Brad’s knowledge of their specific occupation and how he focuses his training for specific jobs. Brad always delivers at an exemplary level.

Brad Pollak, and his Job Interview Workshops For College Students, has been our not-so-secret strategy to sincerely and authentically help students get ready, plan and practice interviewing well. Brad’s expertise, process and teaching techniques are key to student employment and success. How do we know? Although we can’t isolate Brad’s unique contributions to the college’s overall employment strategy, we can report a 20% increase in the core indicator success rate for employment from 2012 to 2017. Brad began his work at the college in 2012. Students routinely use the term “more confident” to describe themselves after the workshop. I would use the terms “intentional and mindful” because he has mastered the way to help each student identify then articulate their purpose. The Job Interview Workshop will help students learn employment skills inclusive of how to practice, perfect, and perform during interviews – Brad’s purpose is to help every college student take the crucial steps towards successful employment.

Brad provides life-changing content in an engaging dialog which has a profound effect on motivating students. The material he presents in class helps students of all ages to prepare for the job market with accurate tips, compassionate guidance, and sound advice. Dress for the occasion, practice in front of the mirror, and prepare for possible questions that you may be asked through the interview process. One solid piece of advice Brad provided in class was to ask the interviewers, “How can I help you the most in this position?” This thought provoking question instills confidence within the interviewers that the candidate is ready for this position. The class feedback was resoundingly positive and I look forward to having Brad provide hope and opportunity to my students anytime.

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